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Explore the Museum

Yesterday, I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art again. This time, I had a chance to visit different exhibition rooms that I did not have time to have a look last time. Although I thought that I should had gone to most of the exhibition rooms, I found that the museum is much larger than I had expected.

On the first floor, next to the room with all of the Egypt exhibitions, there were rooms with different early Christian and Byzantine exhibitions. It was so surprising that people from such a long time ago could make these beautiful decorations. There were many details in these art works. I cannot imagine how could they make these art works without the different machines we have today.

On the second floor, there was a room with many glass works produced in Britain, 19 century. I really like the green glass bottle which was produced by Richard Redgrave. The color of this bottle made me feel very calm and comfortable. Even compared with the glass works produced nowadays, I think this bottle is a wonderful art work. Then, I found some paintings of Picasso as I was wandering around. I have to say that most of Picasso’s works are hard to understand. Even with the descriptions provided by the museum, I still could not figure out what were in the paintings. Before I left, I also found a room with many different porcelains made in ancient China.

Cleveland Museum of Art is a wonderful museum and it is worth visiting. You will not regret to spend your time visiting it.


A tour around the world

Yesterday, I visited Cleveland Museum of Art with my Sages class. Although I had been in the Museum for an orientation event, yesterday was the first time I walked inside the Museum and visited the different exhibitions. To me, today’s museum is a place that can bring me to visit different scenery from all over the world.

Walking around the museum, I saw exhibitions from the ancient Egypt. And I learned that sun is so important to the ancient Egypt people that even after they passed away and when they are put in their coffins, their bodies need to face the direction which the sun rises. The faces on the coffins were painted by gold color, which also shows the important of sun in their belief.

My favorite part was the room with drawings of different scenery. I felt calm when I was looking at these drawings. Because these paintings are so vivid, the frames for each painting made me feel like I am right in front of a window. I felt these scenery are on the other side of these “windows”. Each painting has its own historical background and story, and each of them expresses their authors’ different thoughts. There are more paintings of different topics on the second floor.

I would definitely visit the museum again. There are many exhibitions that we did not have time to learn more about them. Hope I would have enough time to learn more about them next time.

A visit to CMNH

This Friday, I visited Cleveland Museum of Natural History with my Sages class. This was the first time I went to the Museum. There were many different exhibitions in the Museum, such as specimens of different kinds of animals and rocks. Besides many different specimens, it was interesting to find that in one part of the Museum, there were many different jewels in the room. With the coordinating of the lights, these jewels emitted very beautiful lights, which made this room look brilliant.

After visiting most of the indoor sections of the Museum, we went to the Perkins Wildlife Center. I learnt that the animals live here were hurt and they could not survive without protection. There are foxes, ducks, eagles and some other animals live here. These animals are all protected in different sections in the Wildlife Center. As we first entered the front door of the Center, in front of our is the section where wolves live. Beside the wolves section, we saw ducks playing in their little pond, owls sleeping, fishes swimming around in their own sections. I even heard the eagle yelling when I walked around the Center. Although there is not much space for them to run or swim around, I think it is good that these animals could have a safe shuttle place. At least they can live through their lives here and do not need to worry about how to survive under villainous environment and predation.

A tour to Think Box

Yesterday, I got a chance to visit the Think Box. This was the first time I went into the Think Box. The first time I heard about this building was the orientation week, during the campus tour. Although I did not know what the Think Box is about before I went there, its name made me think that it must be a place that is full of different kinds of “thoughts”. Thus, it should be a place contains many new technologies.

Actually, my thought was kind of correct. There are many different techniques in the Think Box. And there are also places that students can have meetings and classes. Among all these different techniques, I am very interested is the 3D Printers. These printers are much larger than the normal printers that we used to print paper. I am very curious about how can these printers “print” out things with 3 dimensional instead of just words on paper. It can not only print out the shapes of the objects, but also the details on the original objects. Also, according to the tour guide, the 3D printer can even print out objects with different hardness. The products can be very soft or very tough.

There are also other techniques such as laser cutter in Think Box. I want to go back there and try to print something using the 3D printer one day.

Tracing the evolution of Cleveland

Today, with my sages class, I learned some history about Cleveland in Western Reserve Historical Society, which is located behind the Cleveland Botanical Garden. We first explored the evolution of the vehicles. There were a lot of different cars once we got into the building. Some of the vehicles did not have sheds, which made me thinking what would the past do when it rained. Some of them not only had the sheds, but also the lights in front, and there were racing cars and RVs from the past, which showed the progress of the technology.

The other side of the building was the area about culture and history. It contains clothes from the past and furniture from the original house of the founder of the museum. And we also saw some exhibitions of politic. I really like the clothes exhibitions from this part. It was interesting to compare the clothes from now and those from the past.

Although I am not a person who loves history, I think exploring the history of a place is very interesting. I believe that the history of a place is one of the charming points it has. Although I am not from Cleveland, and it is not as prosperous as it was before, I still think that Cleveland is a beautiful city. It is comfortable living and studying in Cleveland.

A visit without sight

On my first day in Cleveland, I had notice the huge glass house not far away from the north residence village. Yesterday, I got a chance to go inside this glass house– Cleveland Botanical Garden, and had a new experience during the visit. I was told that as visiting one of the garden, I could not use my eyes to visit but use my other senses to “visit”.

As I was visiting the first garden, I was leaded by my partner to walk around and to feel the garden. Visiting a new place using senses except sight is very different from what I expected. It was difficult to identify the orientation without actually seeing the garden. I had a deep impression on a plant with purple leaves. Although those were leaves, they were so soft that I thought they were flowers when I touched them instead of seeing them. Also, there were plants whose leaves smelled like some kind of spices. And it was different when I touched a plant with thorns without seeing it. If I could see the plant, I would know that it has thorn so that I might not touch it or I would be very careful as I touching it. However, I had no idea that this plant in front of me has thorns without using my eyes. Thus, I was a little bit scared by the thorns as I first touched them.

It was a unique experience that visiting a new place do not use my sight. Visiting or learning things with more than one senses do let me know more about them. There are things that you have to touch them, feel them, hear them in order to have better understanding of them. I would definitely come here again to learn more about the plants here. And this time, I will visit them with all of my senses.

Last school day of this week

The last school day of the second week in CWRU, after my first class of the day, I found a quiet place to relax in the quad. It is a place surrounded by shrubs and flowers, located beside the Rockefeller building. Although it was a little bit cold because of the rain the day before, it was still comfortable to relax here. As the wind blew, the sound of leaves swinging made me feel calm. Also, there were squirrels and birds around the quad.

Around this time, there were many students walking in the quad. Some of them were hurrying to their classes, some were just walking around to relax after classes, others were chatting with friends or classmates. Everyone seemed to have different feelings about the last day of class of this week, some students seemed to be very excited about weekend while some of them seemed to be worried about their coming quiz and exams. Also, some of the students were still wearing shorts and short sleeves while I was wearing a long sleeves shirt and a coat. It felt like that those students were still in summer but I was ready for winter.

It has been more than half month since I arrived Cleveland. I hope I can learn more about CWRU and Cleveland in the coming days.